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Computer Upgrades

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It can often be more cost effective and environmentally friendly to upgrade your existing computer instead of just throwing it away or recycling it. You can get significant improvements in performance for considerably less than the cost of a complete new system.

First it needs to be established whether you have a problem which is causing a real malfunction such as programs hanging or freezing or whether it's simply that you find the performance less than you would like. Different users have different needs. If you're into PC games and entertainment your requirements will be considerably higher than someone who just uses a word processor, email and likes to surf the net. The difficulty for most owners is in telling exactly which component is causing the problem. For example, if your computer is running slower than it should the cause could be the processor, memory, the main drive or software. It always pays to run a basic PC health check first. You can get all manner of well meant advice from people who know a bit about computers but the answers aren't always self evident.

We recommend that you use a qualified engineer to select quality components and ones that are properly compatible with the existing system or at best you may find the performance hasn't increased and at worst you may risk doing more damage to your computer.

We can update your computer systems by adding extra memory, hard drives, optical drives or a faster graphics adaptor. It is important to also consider that data left on an old system could be potentially damaging so it is always worthwhile checking other options first.

DLNA Support - Manchester UK

With more DLNA enabled devices coming onto the market, sometimes you need professional help in getting it all working. With our experience in cable and wireless networking we offer support services for home entertainment systems.

Media Remote Control

DLNA Support Services

Our DLNA support service covers Manchester, Stockport, Lancashire and Cheshire. We can install Internet TV's, BluRay players and Media Servers...

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