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Custom Computer System

We have many years of experience in building custom computers for home and business use.

Our customized computers are built to fit your needs exactly

The advantage of having a system built to exacting specifications is that it can be guaranteed to meet the demands placed on it. This approach to buying a computer can also save you money because more expensive components, such as high performance graphics adapters may not be needed on a system used mainly for word processing and web surfing. We can also transfer data from the old computer and work to your budget. You have the advantage of knowing that support is always on hand.

The advantages of buying a custom built computer locally

While the well known larger manufacturers of PCs and laptops have many attractive headline deals you often find that you need to add on items to get the system you really want. It can seem that you are buying a system built with a specification you don't really want or need and it's almost impossible to reduce the specification. After VAT and shipping costs have been added the price is usually nothing like what you expected. If you find there is a fault in the system the help and support they offer cannot compete with our immediate personal and locally based service.

If you need a system for gaming, business, making music, video editing or just some word processing and casual web surfing, we can build a reliable system that suits your needs.

We have many satisfied customers that have bought computers from us. They all appreciate the personal service and installation that we provide.